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By pairing our award-winning filtration systems with safe and clean ozonation, ecobud® has created a unique product that can form a point of difference for any stockist. You’re not just selling a filter – you’re selling a solution for a better life. This is a product that has proven itself internationally, winning an array of awards. Now you have the opportunity to share in our innovations and achievements. Read the main benefits below.

Join ecobud® In Our Mission to Build a better world through cleaner water


Our Life Water provides the body with cleansing nutrients, while activated oxygen water (produced via ozonation) effectively removes bacteria and germs from almost any surface. ecobud® helps people remain hydrated during exercise, and also encourages them to cut back on sugary drinks and simply enjoy great tasting water with no additives or preservatives.


The ozonation process creates water with remarkable cleansing properties, eliminating the need to use harmful chemicals and detergents. Kitchens, bathrooms, cars, even the family dog can now be cleaned in a way that has zero impact upon the environment.


ecobud® offers great financial savings to homes and businesses, our revolutionary ozonation process helping to remove the ongoing costs associated with purchasing cleaning products. Our clean, great-tasting water eliminates the need to buy expensive bottled water. As Ecobud’s systems run from existing mains, there’s also no need to constantly purchase refill bottles for coolers.

With undeniable advantages that can benefit any person, ecobud’s range of filters represent a business opportunity to boost sales and improve your environmental image as a business.



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I have always followed a healthy lifestyle. However, I was neglecting the most important aspect of healthy living. Water. I firstly watched a doco about the contaminants in everyday water. After alot of research and trial and error with other brands I discovered Ecobud. I started with the Gentoo and have since purchased more of Ecobuds products. The fact is it works. It filters more than any other water filter I have come across, Australian owned, tastes amazing, looks good and is very reasonably priced. No surprises to what the rest of my family and friends are getting for Christmas. Thanks Ecobud

Daniel OKeefe'

Chadwick Model

Dear Ecobud, thank you for your amazing customer care ! You heard me out and resolved my issue in no time !! I am one very happy customer! Best customer service I have received! Thank you for caring 😊⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gullu C Ibrahim

29 November 2018

Good customer service and lovely helpful staff. I know the tap water may be safe for drinking in here, but I don't want to drink the fluoride water, so I always buy the water from the machine with reverse osmosis system. When I found the King qoozo, it's exactly what I am looking for. My family and I use the ozone water at daily basis to wash hands, gargle and brushing teeth. We also use for cooking and very surprised with the difference of the taste of rice. It's cooked so beautifully on both the taste and looks. Since purchasing the King qoozo we could not live without it. We are so satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend it to everyone. We would like to try the Cumulus for the shower!

Shoko and Yasunori

Hair and Beauty Specialist

I have been drinking lots of tap water in different places around the world. Although authorities say their tap water is very safe to drink, I always have some doubt about it and tap water smells anyways. Then, when I switched to the bottled water, buying bulk from the big supermarkets, I didn’t feel much differences but just less smelly. Also, I concerned about the amount of rubbish that I had to produce by drinking bottled water since I drink lots of water for my health. And, the big water cooler was not only expensive option for me but also consumes the electricity in my place. So, when I found ecobud™ Life Water Jug in the Brisbane Home Show, it was a perfect solution for me. I would like to try their other products such as Shower Filter and Activated Oxygen Water System to improve my wellness!

Eblin Kim

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

I bought this water bottle at flannery and I have been using this for almost 2 weeks. I like the concept of turning water into alkaline and removes the harmful stuff. I like the taste of the water and bringing it with me all the time. I stop buying bottled water and i don't need to worry about the water quality at my workplace. I will definitely buy another one for my kid. Good works!


Gold Coast

When I first heard of Ecobud and the ozone water function offered in some of their product, I was a bit skeptical as to whether I would find myself using it on a daily basis in my life. Since purchasing the King qoozo, I could not imagine living without ozone water and it's ability to kill bacteria and sterilise. We use it to sterilise my babies bottles, wash our hands without using soap and remove odours from our kitchen chopping board. We have also recently purchased a Cumulus for the shower and my wife has found her died hair has been lasting longer since showering with Cumulus. I highly recommend any product from Ecobud, give any a try and you will find the benefits will enrich your families life ...

Nathan Roussos

Business Consultant

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Join ecobud in our mission to build a better world through cleaner water.

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